Ernie Ball

Playing shows and festivals can take its toll on your guitar strings and the purse strings, especially when you rock out as hard as Journey Home do. We are proud to have Ernie Ball as our partner for guitar strings and other accessories. Being affiliated with such an amazing power house in the music world is a real privilege and their products are great quality.

The guys have been testing the new Paradigm range on their acoustics and are regular users of the good ol’ Ernie Ball Regular Slinky’s, a market leader for electric guitar strings.


Yamaha have been creating musical instruments for many years and have been used throughout the industry by a number of famous artists, bands and musicians. Journey Home are no exception and have been utilising some of the finest technology Yamaha have developed.

Jonesy has been using a Yamaha CPX1000 ElectroAcoustic guitar for nearly 5 years. “The SRT pickup system that Yamaha have developed is just an amazing bit of kit. This married up with a great sounding acoustic guitar allows me to use this at home, in the studio and on tour. It really is a great guitar and I can’t recommend them enough!”

Ben purchased the Yamaha THR100HD Amplifier and THRC112 Speaker when the band moved to their electric format. “The amp is just so versatile and can really pack a punch at any level. It’s able to create such varied tones and the Dual channel utilising two individual amp settings really allows for a completely custom sound.” Ben liked his amp so much that Jonesy got himself the same setup!